Cressida Kroft

Field Marshal of the Korvosan Guard


An attractive, dark-haired human woman dressed in red armor.


Kroft was selected as Field Marshal from among the senior officers in the Korvosan Guard by Queen Ileosa Arabasti. Because the Korvosan Guard has a tie with the church of Abadar, the ruler cannot remove the field marshal without agreement from the high priest. Frequently, the high priest has additional input into the appointment of the field marshal, making recommendations for or against candidates.

The field marshal of the Korvosan guard wields considerable influence in the city, as she both commands the largest military force in Varisia and by custom and charter amendment—can reject an order handed down by the ruler. She may only do so if the order violates the laws of Korvosa or Cheliax or needlessly endangers the city’s civilians or its military forces.

Cressida has hired the party to help quell the rioting and regain order in the city. It’s obvious she hasn’t slept since the King’s death. She has made arrangements for the party to stay at the barracks in Citadel Volshyenek while they are working for the Guard.

Cressida Kroft

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