Thousand Bones

Ambassador of the Shoanti


Old Human (Shoanti) male.

A tall, rail-thin Shoanti man of 60 winters. He leans heavily on a walking stick, the polished femur of some giant beast crowned with a firepelt cougar’s skull. He wears a shirt decorated with countless jangling animal bones, many painstakingly scrawled with dozens of tiny symbols and glyphs. A bearskin cloak is draped about his bony shoulders, and warpaint in the shape of a skull decorates his face. The Shoanti’s eyes are milky as if he were blind, though he sees better than most men half his age. He is never without his familiar, a regal red-feathered razor crow named Eats-Eyes.


Thousand Bones met the party when in the company of Field Marshal Kroft, and petitioned them to recover the body of his dead grandson, Gaekhen, which had been sold to a necromancer after he was beaten to death by a mob. He warned that if they failed, conflict would erupt between Korvosa and the Shoanti tribes if his grandson’s spirit could not be put to rest properly.

Thousand Bones

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