Varisian Fortune Teller


This Varisian woman has brown hair and eyes, and wears a red scarf on her head. She wears gray clothes accented with fiery hues. She appears to be in her middle years.


Zellara has somehow sent each of you one of her Harrow Cards, mysterious in what the card could mean but clear in the writing she left on the card’s reverse. She knows that Gaedren has wrong you in some way, and says that he has done the same to her. She invites you to come to her home and fortune telling shop, where she will explain how you can him Gaedren.

It was discovered that Gaedren has killed Zellara weeks before your arrival at her shop, and kept her head in a box in his room. As a ghost, she used her powers to manifest your Harrow cards, drawing you to her so you could exact your mutual revenge. Her spirit resides in her Harrow Deck, which has been used to foretell your fates several times, and bestow upon you the power of the Harrow.


Curse of the Crimson Throne - Gaiscioch Zeram