Harrow Card - Ivaldir

Card of Fate


A Harrow Card – The Desert – depicting a Sphinx in a moonlit desert holding a masked traveler in its paw, his hand outstretched as if offering aid.

The Desert is an environment so bleak that none can survive it without aid. For those who find that aid, the journey across the wastes can lead to great things. If they cannot rely on the help of others they will assuredly be lost. The sphinx on this card can refer to a mystic or doctor bringing salvation in times of plague or illness.

Desert engwar


Today marked the 90th day that Vandar had been missing. Every single day he had been out, searching street by street, district by district for any sign of him. Every time he heard a new rumor about some of “Little Lamms” in the marketplace, they had already gone by the time he arrived. Today was no different. After spending the entire day tracking down leads and quashing rumors, there was nothing. No sign of Vandar, and yet again no help from the Korvosan Guard. It was the same old story from them. “Sorry, as much as we’d like to help you, we have bigger matters to deal with and cannot spare the men.” Hogwash!

Tired from the day’s rigors, Ivaldir hung his bow and quiver on the rack in his closet, but something caught his eye before he closed the door. There was something sticking out of the fletching of his arrows, wedged in there neatly. An eyebrow raised, he plucked it out and peered down at it, examining it carefully. It was a card with some sort of creature – half man, half lion, standing in a desert with some sort of traveler. The Varisians use these, he recalled, as part of their fortune telling tricks. They were part of a Harrow Deck, if memory served him. He wondered how it got there, as he didn’t recall bumping into anyone who could have placed it there without him knowing. He let out a quizzical grunt and flicked the card into the garbage basket next to his bed, ready to climb into bed and not give it another thought until the card hit the edge of the basket and fluttered to the floor. Odd, that he’d miss. He bent down to pick it up and drop it into the basket when he noticed some writing on the back, and his eyes went wide. He took the card and stood straight up, staring wide-eyed as it read:


Harrow Card - Ivaldir

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