Harrow Card - Me Lady

Card of Fate


A Harrow Card – The Uprising – depicting an angry mob of townsfolk raising their pitchforks and torches in the air. A crown hangs on one of the prongs of the pitchfork, which has a dagger blade at the end of its haft.

The Uprising represents being caught in the clutches of something much more powerful than you. It is an overwhelming strength that often crushes what comes in contact with it. The crown held high signifies an overthrowing of a leader of some sort, indicating a force much stronger than the receiver of the card.

Uprising diella


Recovering from her injuries was something Me Lady could not have done on her own, had she not received help. The amount of damage Gaedren had done to her body was staggering, but in the end those wounds had healed, but not after leaving scars both physical and mental. Sometimes she would have nightmares retelling the moments of her torture, and she’d awaken a little extra jumpy than normal. Today was one of those days, but as she looked around wildly she remembered she wasn’t in Gaerdren’s ‘care’ any longer, and so she was able to breathe a little easier. Then the anger over what he did to her would start to boil in her blood. That anger became suspended when Me Lady noticed something at her bedside that wasn’t there when last she remembered: some kind of card lay on the nightstand. It had an image of angry people on it, angry like she was at Gaedren. Turning it over, she saw the writing on the back of the card:


Harrow Card - Me Lady

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