Harrow Card - Noyo

Card of Fate


A Harrow Card – The Teamster – depicting a Half-Orc outfitted with bit and bridle being ridden by a mean-looking creature wielding a barbed cat o’ nine tails, ready to whip his steed.

The Teamster is a driving external force that keeps the subject going, no matter what. This force can be physical or mental, as a person who exhorts others to continue on when they have no more strength to give. The force can be for good or ill but cannot be ignored. The half-orc depicted is leading a life of constant toil, but for his own betterment.

Teamster   noba


Noyo finds a strange card one day after removing his armor at the day’s end, fluttering to the floor in front of him after somehow getting stuck in his armor straps. It’s a strange little thing, with an illustration on one side, and writing on the reverse. The writing, however, is what draws his attention:


Harrow Card - Noyo

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