Harrow Card - Scolartha

Card of Fate


A Harrow Card – The Queen Mother – depicting a red Formian queen in fineries and a crown, seated on plush cushsions with grapes in her hand, surrounded by her larvae subjects as she feeds them. The Queen Mother is knowledge personifed. The Formian knows all but does not reveal anything to anyone who does not show her proper worship. She is fond of the powerless and the underclasses, for they serve her when the more powerful refuse. She represents the need to become part of a society, or to bow before those who know more than you.

Queen mother briseadh


It had been three days since the ship that brought Scolartha back to Korvosa pulled into Old Dock and deposited her back onto the streets where she grew up. She had taken a room at the Laughing Wave Inn over in North Point, spending her time here thus far getting to know the city again in between her meditation. This morning was no different, and her morning began with praying to Irori for her spells, studying his teachings and some time spent in meditation before her day began. The sun was already rising when her prayers concluded, its light already brightening her room, perfect for her studies of Unbinding the Fetters, the holy text of the Irori faithful describing meditation, physical exercises, dietary regimes and other methods to help mortals transcend their limitations. Reaching for her tome, Scolartha opened to the pages her bookmark rest between, only to find a curious thing laying on the page next to the bookmark.

It was a card of some sort, with a strange ant creature drawn on it. Thinking for a moment, she remembered the Varisian fortune tellers had cards such as these as part of their Harrow Deck. How strange for it to be there in her book, when it was not there the night before when she closed it before sleep had taken her. Turning it over, she stared at the back of the card, writing in bold letters spoke to her about what had been milling about in her mind ever since her journey back to Korvosa began:


Harrow Card - Scolartha

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