Harrow Card - Varth

Card of Fate


A Harrow card – The Vision – depicting a man being touched in the head by a divine hand, sending a bolt of energy directly into his brain. He does not seem comfortable with this.

The Vision represents arcane knowledge. Such knowledge can take the form of madness or cryptic words. This card often means an encounter with a crazy person, but it can also signify a brush with genius.

Z vision   varth


Varth awakens one morning to memorize his spells, as he does every day. Upon opening his spellbook, he finds a card in the middle of the opened page. It has an illustration on it, and he recognizes it as a Harrow Card, used by Varisian fortune tellers when they do their readings. Picking it up, Varth notices writing on the reverse of the card:


Harrow Card - Varth

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