Harrow Card - Zoetica

Card of Fate


A Harrow card – The Juggler – depicting a Giant walking over a forest juggling an elephant, the peak of a tower, a boat (and its passenger), and a boulder. It represents fate, the gods, or those who play with the lives and destinies of others. If this titanic Juggler can keep up his rhythm, he will achieve his goals. But if he falters, tragedy and failure are assured for those whose lives he meddled in.

Juggler khyote


It happened upon Zoetica’s latest with with Maestro Orisini, two days ago. The Maestro had cooked a particularly tasty meal – Reefclaw Pasties with a delicious thileu-bark dipping sauce. Zoetica had purchased the bottle of wine the night before and had placed it in a brown paper bag to carry it in when she left for the Academy. The night of the dinner, when she took it out of the bag, a card fell out of the bag onto the table before her. She immediately recognized it, as she had seen it in her grandmother’s deck, as a card in a Harrow Deck. This particular one is known as The Juggler. Flipping it over, she noticed bold writing on the back of the card:


Harrow Card - Zoetica

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