Curse of the Crimson Throne - Gaiscioch

Revenge at last!!
Victory Ushers in Total Chaos

The battle continue as our group finished up the fight in the fishery, tying up the goons and Little Lamms who wouldn’t cooperate. Hookshanks’ allies turned on him thanks to Edrik’s rousing diplomacy, and was captured. He told the group about an underpier that would lead them to [[:gaedren-lamm].

After exploring the fishery the group headed along the boardwalk to the Kraken’s Folly, a derelict barge filled with weak floorboards, cobwebs, and spiders. Therein a trapped secret door led them to the underpier, where another trapped door finally brought our party members face to face with Gaedren.

Gaedren had become a shell of his former self, his body ravaged by old age and disease (most likely a combination of syphilis, gout and crippling arthritis), hardly recognizable as the terrible force who corrupted, beat and/or terrorized our party members and their families. It showed during the battle against him and his pet crocodile Gobblegut, barely able to wield a dagger any longer. His penchant for dastardly behavior, however, was still strong as he had several victims hanging around after having them tortured for bad behavior or failure, and with the flip of a release switch, sent them tumbling into shark-infested waters. Through daring heroics these sharks were slain and the victims saved, including Ivaldir’s son Vandar and Edrik Earlhammer’s brother Engwar. There was a close call with Ivaldir in danger of drowning, but Varth dove in to save the dwarven archer’s day.

After the battle came the tossing of the establishment, which took some time, going through all of their former tormentor’s things and treasures. A gruesome discovery, Zellara’s severed head in a hat box with her harrow deck, led to the realization that Zellara had been dead for weeks yet her spirit is what appeared before them and explains how her cards found their way to each of the party members. Gaedren seemed to fancy her face, as he had tried to use makeup to try and keep her looks despite her head’s deteriorating condition.

Victory was had, vengeance on Gaedren taken, and his operation sundered to pieces. Yet as the party steps out of the fishery and onto the streets of Korvosa, they find the city in total chaos as fire rage throughout and smoke rises on the horizon. King Eodred Arabasti II has died, leaving Queen Ileosa Arabasti in power. Is it coincidence that the party found a brooch in Gaedren’s stash belonging to the Queen, or was it really fate as heralded in Zellara’s Harrow Cards?

Either way, things are going to get very interesting from here on out…

It Begins...
Dark Days in Korvosa

Our party left the home of their mysterious fortune telling host, [[:zellara], who had brought them together for one purpose: to put an end to the misery caused by one Gaedren Lamm and bring him to justice one way or another.

Heading to a tavern known by Zoetica Calisov, the group planned out their reconnaissance and assault on the old fishery where Zellara said Gaedren and his crew were hiding. Darkness fell on Korvosa, and the party ventured out into the city to find the old fishery. After a brief scouting, they closed in and breached the fishery from three separate entrances.

A massive melee ensued, complete with barking dogs, sharks roaming the waters, gnomish taskmasters posing as kids and Little Lamms warped into fighting for the old man. Sadly, several kids have already lost their lives due to the fighting, but Edrik Earlhammer convinced some to give up Gaedren’s cause.

The fighting still rages on, but thanks to the Sleep spell, our protagonists seem to be on the verge of their first victory.


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