Beacon's Point


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Comprising the western rim of Outcast’s Cove and ending at the statue- studded point called the Wyrmwatch- a lighthouse said to overlook the spot Alcaydian Indros battled the Vydrarch, a legendary sea monster-Beacon Point is a raucous home to traders, sailors, and hardworking, hard-living families of all sorts. Numerous warehouses, shipping concerns, and other businesses fill the area, as do numerous simple but boisterous brothels and taverns. The farther one travels from this district’s borders, the more closely packed and poorly maintained the buildings get-many critics of Magnimar see Beacon’s Point as a metaphor for the whole city as being a shell of civility and industry wrapped around a corrupt heart.

This core of slums hidden in Beacon’s Point is known as Rag’s End, a cramped, and maze-like knot of alleys where the poorest of the city’s working class make their homes. Temporary laborers , crippled dockhands, drunks, and the sorely out-of-luck scrape by on coin earned from begging, performing odd and often demeaning jobs, and the charity of the city’s sympathetic religions. Much of Rag’s End is owned by Slumlord Rassimeri Jaijarko, a greasy half-Varisian drug dealer with ties to a Sczarni gang known as the Gallowed.

Beacon’s Point
Rag’s End, The Shipyard, Worker’s District
  • Corruption +4; Crime +4; Economy +5; Law +0 ; Lore +2; Society +3
  • Danger +5
  • Population 1,972 permanent, 700 itinerant


  • The Battle of Charda (monument commemorating greatest battle ever waged against Riddleport)
  • Butchers’ Union (guild of meat packers and abattoir workers)
  • Carpenters’ Guild (struggling guild whose services have always been secondary to the stoneworkers’ guild)
  • Coopers’ Guild (affiliated with the carpenters’ guild)
  • Dungsweepers’ Guild (lowly association of street cleaners and sewer mongers)
  • Locksmiths’ Guild (fortified stone building; rumored to be allied with the Night Scales)
  • Most Excellent Order of Smiths (three story building containing dozens of large forges)
  • Outcast Fishery (union of fishermen)
  • Ropeworks (rope makers’ guild; five-story building that’s one of the tallest in the district)
  • Shipmakers’ Guild (one of Magnimar’s most powerful guilds)
  • Washers’ Row (bleaching, laundry services)
  • Lost Lane (territory of Magnimar’s thieves’ guild, the Night Scales)
  • Ravenfoot Corner (small school for alchemists and apothecaries)
  • Harbormaster (stout three-story stone building; Outcast’s Cove harbor matters handled here)
  • Jaijarko Castle (home and castle of the slumlord of Rag’s End)
  • The Wyrmwatch (lighthouse and naval yard)
  • Feirges’s Shack (the largest and most rat-infested tavern in Rag’s End)
  • Left-Handed Lobster (tavern in Outcast Fishery; exclusive to fishermen)
  • The Pig (foul tavern patronized primarily by butchers and abattoir workers)
  • Whale’s Belly (shore side tavern that caters primarily to dockworkers and laborers)

Beacon point

Beacon's Point

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