Capital District


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Although much of Magnimar’s industry and trade takes place along the Shore, the dusty blocks that surround the Irespan ring with the noisy work of sculptors, jewelers, woodcarvers, and all manner of other artisans who work in rare mediums-even magic. In Bridgeward, studios and workshops of such artisans engage in their trade and competition for students, members, and custom. Yet despite the quality of many of Magnimar’s artists, these establishments are not the primary purpose of this large district, for it is here that the city’s government is centered.

Magnimar has two official government branches. Both of the s e branches maintain a presence in the central part of the Capital District. The office of the lord mayor and the Council of Ushers are based in neighboring buildings: the Pediment Building and Usher’s Hall, respectively.

Capital District
Artisan’s Quarter, Bridgeward, Irespan District
  • Corruption +0; Crime +0; Economy +5; Law +4 ; Lore +6; Society +3
  • Danger -10
  • Population 2,012 permanent, 759 itinerant


  • Cenotaph (memorial to Alcaydian Indros and catacomb of city heroes)
  • Indros cul Vydrarch (monument depicting lndros fighting the Vydrarch)
  • The Irespan (immense ruined Thassilonian bridge)
  • Lord Mayor’s Menagerie (city zoo)
  • Benevolent Order of Scribes (union of notaries, scribes, and scriveners)
  • Carvers’ Gguild (guild of stone carvers and sculptors)
  • Goldsmiths’ Guild (association of goldworkers; sub-guild of League of Jewelers)
  • Golemworks (manufacturers of fine construct guardians)
  • League of Jewelers (crafters of fine jewelry and gemcutters)
  • Quarriers’ Guild (association of stoneworkers and masons)
  • Solemn Order of Sages, Librarians, and Teachers (guild of educators and historians)
  • Founder’s Archive/Museum of Ages (Magnimar’s largest museum)
  • School of the Four Winds (monastic academy dedicated to the natural world)
  • Tiemak’s Fine Tapers (exquisite and exotic candles for sale)
  • Charterhouse (offices that track and assign land grants and charters for establishing new holdings)
  • The Hells (Magnimar’s largest and only official jail)
  • Pediment Building (houses the city justice court and offices of the lord-mayor)
  • Sandpoint Mercantile League (offices of officials representing Magnimarian vassal communities and record-keeping)
  • Usher’s Hall (meeting place of the Council of Ushers)
  • Hammer and Stone (tavern often patronized by stonecarvers and golem crafters)
  • Street of Taverns (dozens of taverns line this street; favorite visiting spot of aristocrats)

Capital district

Capital District

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