Five landmarks give Korvosa a distinctive skyline. Three of these exist on a truly colossal scale and have survived for millennia: the massive, flat-topped pyramid that Castle Korvosa stands upon; the Pillar Wall, which stretches across most of the southern end of Citadel Hill, a 100-foot-tall remainder of what once must have been a magnificent barrier; and, just beyond the western terminus of the Pillar Wall, the Gatefoot, which obviously originally formed a part of the wall and likely served as a gateway of some kind. The other two landmarks – the Great Tower, rising 270 ft from the northernmost poitn of the Merciless Cliffs, and the Hall of Summoning, centre of operations for the Acadamae – while impressive, do not come close to the size or grandeur of the ruins.

Besides its impressive landmarks, Korvosa’s other famed manmade features include its walls (ruined and otherwise), beautiful bridges and famed Vaults. These it points to with pride, but not all of its distinctive features attract the attention of potential visitors and residents. Chief among its shameful features is the rooftop area of the city known as the Shingles, which serves as both a highway for bandits and a refuge for monsters, thieves and other undesirables.


From acrobatic sky-borne battles between imps and pseudodragons to filth-covered otyughs bursting up from the sewers below, Korvosa offers numerous excitements both common and uncommon. Undead prowl the famed Vaults beneath Korvosa’s walled necropolis, all manner of vermin roam the rooftop city-within-a-city of the Shingles, and treacherous thieves and thugs patrol the slums of Bridgefront and Old Dock. Yet among all this danger and excitement the city thrives as a cultural and economic powerhouse—relatively speaking—with opportunities for any visitor, regardless of morals and guiding principles.

LN large city | Government: Monarchy | Purchase Limit: 75,000gp
Population: 18,486 (16,637 humans,739 dwarves, 370 elves, 370 halflings, 185 half-elves, 185 other)
Corruption +4; Crime -3; Economy +2; Law +4; Lore +2;
Society -2
Qualities academic, insular, prosperous, rumormongering citizens, strategic location, racially intolerant (shoanti, varisian)
Disadvantages plagued
Danger 10
Notable NPCs:
King Eodred Arabasti II, ruler of Korvosa
Ileosa Arabasti, Queen of Korvosa
Commandant Marcus Endrin, leader of the Sable Company
Lictor Severs DiVri, leader of the Order of the Nail
Lord Glorio Arkona, de facto leader of Old Korvosa
Toff Ornelos, Acadamae headmaster
Spellcasting: 8th
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