Korvosan Delicacies

The people of Korvosa mostly eat relatively bland foods and don’t vary their meals all that often. Many point to the city’s strong military character for this particular quirk. Despite this, Korvosans do enjoy the rare treat, and, when in the mood for something different, they tend to indulge in one of the following:

Alikan Oyster: Nothing more than a soft-boiled oyster harvested from the Narrows of Saint Alika. Six oysters sell for 2 gs.

Hillcake: Essentially heavily spiced hardtack. Popular with Sable Company marines. Two pounds of hillcake sell for 1 gs.

Jigsaw Fin Mahktasha: The deep-fried dorsal fin of a jigsaw shark, typically doused in a mixture of Vudran spices. One fin sells for 7 ss.

Lem: A thin hummus cut with goat’s milk and heavily spiced. Usually served with strips of deep-fried clam meat called “lemchum”. A jar sells for 8 ss.

Maxmax: A Shoanti treat made from pickled moose fat dipped in powdered sugar. One maxmax sells for 1 ss.

Oliphant Ear: Butter-rich flat-bread pastries fried on the backs of tower shields. Can easily feed three fullgrown men. One ear sells for 5 ss.

Pullers: Tiny, chewy sweets made of sugar, honey, and maple syrup held together with caramel and wheat flour. A dozen pullers sell for 4 gs.

Reed Crackers: River reeds and duck eggs made into bitter and mildly hallucinogenic crackers. One pound sells for 4 gs.

Reefclaw Pasty: A deep-fried ball of mashed reefclaw claw meat best eaten with a thileu-bark dipping sauce. Four pasties costs 1 ss, with the proper amount of sauce costing 6 ss.

Thileu Bark: The most popular spice in Korvosa. It tastes like a cross of cinnamon, nutmeg and mint. Only Varisians know how to harvest the bark. They sell it for 100 gs per pound.

Korvosan Delicacies

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