Harrow Card - Edrik

Card of Fate


A Harrow Card – The Midwife – depicting a Halfling woman holding a newborn devil by its leg, smoke rising from the child. Someone in the background (possibly a parent) stands with hands holding their face in sadness or shock. A trail of blood leads off scene from a pool beneath the child.

The Midwife is a conduit to creation, although she does not create on her own. The halfling is a key that lets new life or information into the world. Her heart can see the good in even the worst situation. She can see the import of any new arrival, but if misaligned the new arrival will likely not inspire much joy.

Midwife   edrick


After a night at a local tavern, Edrik lifts his stein to see a card laying underneath it. Funny, he hadn’t noticed it there before. The card depicted some strange illustration on it. He remembers seeing the Varisian fortune tellers use cards like these in their readings. This particular card also has writing on its back:


Harrow Card - Edrik

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