Harrow Card - Grilvrir

Card of Fate


A Harrow Card – The Mountain Man – depicting a burly red-haired giant with a large reptilian creature slung over its shoulder.

The Mountain Man signifies an encounter with a physical power outside of one’s control. The giant could personify an authority, an army, an earthquake, or even a desperately needed rainstorm in a parched land. Acceding to the force might be wise, but surviving it is paramount.

Mountain man   jecafu


Grilvrir found it when he reached into his bag of feed when it came dinner time for his pets and animals. It was a card, one that a fortune teller would use, and somehow it had gotten into his feed bag. The card illustrated a scraggly looking giant with large tufts of red hair, but on the back someone had written something. It reads:


Harrow Card - Grilvrir

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